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10/1/14 10:09 pm - Inktober 1

I heard about #inktober today. It is a drawing thing. On impulse, I decided to do it.

So, day 1, my inspirations were these amazing leaves. One I found first thing in the morning, and it didn't look like any plant nearby, and the second is a ginkgo on Prospect near Broadway doing a thing I have never seen a ginkgo do before. Normally they become a lovely clear yellow, not amazing turkey-tail fungus stripes.

 photo 2014-10-01-leaf_zps862149a9.jpg  photo 2014-10-01-ginkgo_zps95521689.jpg

So they made me think of why the leaves would have so much information, and what that could be used for. Well, clearly fairies play cards with them. I wanted the one to have trans florets, but somehow I started by drawing the Groot-inspired bunny guy first. It's all very adorable.

 photo 2014-10-01-inktober1_zps41baa148.jpg

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9/30/14 11:45 pm - good things of the day

Less pain, better sleep, yaaaaay!

Our front desk person pointed out to me some bird's nest fungi right outside the building, and I got a decent picture with just my phone and a hand lens. Must charge my real camera with the good macro lens and take better ones!

Saw a seminar about the history of the glass flowers and invertebrates.

Helped out J with a very annoying administrative task.

Sent difficult email in a way that I think was both fair and loving.

More fun links:
"babe can i show you my d*ck"
Natural 20s and natural 1s
Anime glasses for all
Aretha Franklin covered "Rolling In The Deep"

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9/30/14 08:34 am - good things from yesterday

Awesomeness by me:
- Took antihistamine nose spray
- Managed to get an herb refill, since my tummy is very sad and has been for a while (was on a half dose, running out when taking more)
- Taped most of the kitchen boxes and stowed them in the attic
- Marked the wall for the motion-detecting light
- Paid rent, including figuring out incidental cost splits
- Cleaned the kitchen very well
- Made us a chore chart with foil stars

All of the United States of Pop songs are amazing and go beyond mashup into cohesive audio collage with original song structure, but the only one that runs through my head regularly and still makes me smile is 2009.

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9/29/14 09:05 am - notes from yesterday

More unpacking! Negotiated what of mine is going in the kitchen, so the rest can go to the attic. Still working on the clothes, but having more room to play Boxes of Hanoi in will help a lot.

Swept the floors like an awesome person.

As a household, we have hit some kind of critical mass for silly ice cube trays. From C: koi, UFOs/moons. From me: brains, robots/clock-keys. From M (and his person J): delight and plans for drink parties.

Nice dinner with roommates, maybe the last time we'll cook outdoors this season.

It's been too long since I watched a movie with my person J. Donnie Darko turns out to be pretty great! (Warnings: fridging, very scary Patrick Swayze, bad therapy.)

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9/27/14 10:34 pm - fashion television

Finished Project Runway s8. Still not sure how I feel about watching things by myself. I enjoyed it and all! It just takes so much time, and while I am able to play Fish Tycoon or sew or things, I feel like I lose a lot of flexibility, so if it's not also a social activity it's kind of annoying even as I remain eager to do it in the moment.

And once again learned that I do not have high-fashion tastes. Even if I were that good at sewing, I'd never survive on the show -- despite keeping track of trends and judging the heck out of them, I simply don't have the background knowledge of design, past trends, or what's current, which is way different from what people on the street actually wear. There are frivolous and messed-up things about fashion as an industry, of course, but I think one of the myths that the show dispels (while being creative and fun of course, and fine I kinda like the drama) is that being in fashion doesn't require knowledge. Talent and skill are paramount, but the people who succeed are the people who understand the context of their work. They also have to be in touch with the ineffable sense of what the judges think is young-not-teenage, sexy-not-slutty, sophisticated-not-old, adventurous-not-costumey, suited-not-matchy, etc, but that bit is partly luck!

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9/27/14 01:01 am - links and goodness

YES THANK YOU. Why I Lose My Mind Every Time We Have the Name Conversation

I are competent adult. I navigates annoying health care system. Slowly, but it happen. (Finally decided to try Mirena, but it turns out not to be as easy as just saying so. I have to enroll in some different program to see a gyno at all, and of course I have to go chat with them before they'll even make an appointment to actually do the thing, never mind that I already talked it over thoroughly with my GP.)

Anne Ursu is amazing. (We knew this.) The Great YA Debate

So I saw this giant isopod iphone case on Twitter, and I sent it to Wim of course, and he responded with... the MOST AMAZING giant isopod iphone case. I just. WOW. [N.B.: If you think you may not want to see this, you are really, really right.]

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9/26/14 09:50 am - good things from yesterday

Tumblr being delightful:

Funnel webs on top of the yew hedge.

More nerdy taxonomy lookups. Too much computer-staring, but the reasons were still fun.

Walking a labyrinth at the Divinity School.

Relaxing dinner out.

Read a comic with the President of the United States in it, and was like, whoa, it's a white guy. (Strong Female Protagonist: it's the point of AU divergence, so the President is specifically GWB, but that wasn't clear in the first frame where he appeared.) Yay for whiteness as a marked condition.

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9/25/14 02:09 pm - lunch process

1. Go to the library to get a book for my fun research project.

2. See the library's chocolate jar, which is the only reason many people visit the library.


4. After browsing someone's dissertation but reining in my tendency to sidetrack myself, get the book I wanted and another one I bet I'll need later.

5. Realize that I should eat actual food.

6. Go toast half a bagel and nom some sugar snap peas.

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9/24/14 11:53 pm - notes links goodness of the day

The previous post linked at the beginning of this one isn't bad, but this one's great. On what men think women want from women.

Exciting results from collaborators at work! Going to have to send them a lot more samples.

Among other wonders, SailorPtah has made "fetch" happen. (Crossover between Night Vale and His Dark Materials.) I couldn't get the smile off my face.

Emma Watson did okay. Yeah, men in general need to step up and be better feminist allies, but it's not actually about them, and I don't think they've failed to realize that their moms are generally women. I think it's hard for men to see how fucked things still are because they don't experience it. That's what we need to fix, but it's a catch-22 in multiple ways.

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9/20/14 10:26 pm - good day

1. All my transit timing today went unusually well, including a side trip to refill my card.

2. I ran into people who helpfully registered me to vote! I needed that!

3. My dresser is not only assembled but a really beautiful deep teal color, due to my awesomeness. (Researched a good colored wood stain online, found and retrieved it locally, applied it, sprayed two topcoats, finished assembly.)

4. Also, I put up giant stickers of magnolia blossoms.

Now I just need to find a smallish mirror and saw off the dresser legs to a better height. Well, and unpack all the rest of the things. Progress is so satisfying!

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