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11/18/14 01:54 pm - still alive

Having a return of serious digestive badness since the whole IUD debacle, so I'm feeling very low on energy and brain. Still, I have some things to say!

Changes in anime art styles over the last several decades are something I had noticed but not qualified this way.

It took tumblr like five minutes after the movie announcement to write a Captain Marvel post-credits scene that causes me to squeal in incoherent delight.

Hilarious send-up of Jonathan Franzen from Twitter.

I have some TOUGH DECISIONS to make about further #scishirt options for this week. XKCD was required, so I wore that yesterday. Today is the shirt Wim brought me from Meguro Parasitological Museum. I guess I'm going to have to go with sentimental value -- Plant Disease, FHL evo-devo course, and Monterey Bay Aquarium -- rather than any of my cool conference shirts or ones that just have plants/animals.

Last night when I was trying to eat food, I had truly amazing applesauce from [personal profile] rushthatspeaks. Wonderful stuff.

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11/10/14 08:33 pm - so that was terrible

I have no idea as yet whether I can recommend the Mirena IUD. However, I can emphatically recommend against having the doctor poke around inside your actual uterus, attempt to place the fucking IUD half a dozen times, try to dilate your cervix more, and finally call the whole thing off in favor of an ultrasound and heavy sedatives at a later date.

So basically I have had all the pain and tiredness of the intended procedure times about four, with no actual benefit. Also, prolonged confusion about wtf we were doing next, and taking the bus the wrong direction when trying to get home.

Coping mechanisms so far include sugar, alcohol, podcasts, heating pad, and leftover tacos.

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11/1/14 09:53 pm - cider days

This morning I got into a car with [personal profile] rushthatspeaks and [personal profile] gaudior and we all drove off for two hours to western Mass (thanks in part to the phone GPS lady) to Cider Days, because we love apples. It was rainy and chilly, but we got food before starting to drink, bought $5 glasses, and then joined the gigantic over-capacity hard cider sampling and discussion panel room.

The panel involved lots of fascinating jargon, lots of semi-reasonable molecular biology, and plenty of delicious and unusual ciders. People were coming around with bottles of each cider the panel talked about, and all the panelists seemed to work together to make ciders from Pine Hill Orchards juice. It got pretty hot in there, so between that and the ciders' alcohol content (usually around 10%) I was ready to go before the end. We didn't leave until after they called out us late-coming youngsters and said how great it was that we were interested in cider-making, though. :)

I was really there to taste local apple varieties, though, and I got to do that next. It was raining enough that I had to take notes on my phone instead of on paper, but that worked out pretty well despite autocorrect's attempts to interfere. Lots of apples from Second Chance Orchard were laid out on long folding tables with labels under each, and you just picked up one of the many little knives and cut them yourself. (Not what I'm used to, but sure!) The standouts of that tasting were the King David, a great crisp apple with well balanced flavors, and the absolutely delicious Sweet Winter Pennock. I also loved the Jaegers Reinette (my notes read "sweet perfect"), and Bancrofts seem like they'd be great for cooking.

We got cider doughnuts, which were excellent, and looked around the tents a little. I felt bad for not buying things, since we were some of the few people there in the rain, but I do not actually require any very nice baskets.

Next stop, Clarkdale Fruit Farms! More of the old heirlooms I'm used to, like Cox's Orange Pippin and Ashmead's Kernal, but also intriguing new names like Westfield Seek-No-Further ("delicious balanced") and Hubbardston Nonesuch ("sweet good"). The Enterprise is a better tarter Empire, and something that autocorrect turned into "Crimson Gold" had almost a syrupy start but developed into a really delicious experience. I found a new favorite for my apple favorites list, the Esopus Spitzenberg ("complex strong well balanced") and bought a quarter peck of them, along with some Golden Russets, which have a cool bimodal flavor profile, sweet at the core and tarter outside. I will love this farm forever for having a chart on the wall of where the varieties arose. Esopus Spitzenberg is a NY native, it seems.

On the way home, we stopped at a Friendly's. Nostalgia value for [personal profile] rushthatspeaks and me! Valuable protein for everyone!

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10/31/14 10:10 pm - inktober 28-30

October 28
Not entirely what I had in mind, though I've been thinking about drawing this since the beginning. Oh well! It is a finished piece, and that's the goal. Anyway, in Woodland Park Zoo they give the animals pumpkin treats for Halloween, but a lot of animals don't care for pumpkin. So the tigers get meat chunks inside a pumpkin, and the bears will eat pumpkin but get really into it if it's full of honey and bugs, and the otters? The otters get a pumpkin of a size they can roll around and play with, and it has small holes cut into it and fish bits stuffed inside. So they dive and bounce around with it, and every so often a piece of fish comes out!!1! and they go ahng nahng nanhg eating it with little pointy teeth and open-mouthed chewing. It's adorable.

 photo 2014-10-31-inktober28_zpsee44d386.jpg

October 29 and 30
Someone dressed up the very archetypal rhino statues that stand outside the bio building at school. The googly eyes made me laugh out loud the first itme I saw them -- there were extra limbs too, but those were not particularly inspired in my opinion. The other one I guess is a mummy? Pretty happy with these; I think the stuff I started trying on the otter worked a little better here.

 photo 2014-10-31-inktober29-30_zps607a0850.jpg

Partway done with today's, decided to finish tomorrow. It's not really the spirit of Inktober, I suppose, but the drawing is another one I've been thinking of for a while now, and I want it to be cooler but also to do the other thing I have planned tonight.

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10/30/14 11:59 am - inktober 27

 photo 2014-10-30-inktober27_zps250c780a.jpg

Somehow when inked this little brown bat has an underbite which was not evident in the pencil stage, but he's still pretty rad. I had a little brown bat friend once -- he showed up in my parents' cabin and I guess we had no concerns about rabies (in retrospect: what) because he seemed kinda under the weather but nonaggressive and so we kept him. He was called Aloysius, I think mostly thanks to my friend S who was living with us at the time. Eventually he declined and died (without biting anyone, so we were right about no rabies, but still).

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10/29/14 09:22 am - inktober 25 and 26

October 25
My elephant jack-o'-lantern from [personal profile] sovay's party. He remains adorable and on the porch. (And wow, brush pen and pumpkin are a great combination.)

 photo 2014-10-28-inktober25_zpsb46a0227.jpg

October 26
Black Forest cake made by me and [personal profile] rushthatspeaks. Fun with representational shading!

 photo 2014-10-28-inktober26_zps70f9fc7e.jpg

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10/28/14 09:07 am - inktober 23 and 24

Running a little behind, still getting some drawing done so mission generally accomplished. :)

October 23
Squirrel with an acorn in its mouth! This is so cute and I've seen it several times this year. I tried to go for a minimal line in this one but my natural inclination is so not that...

 photo 2014-10-27-inktober23_zps794daf82.jpg

October 24
Inky cap mushrooms really do deliquesce this picturesquely. Sometimes.

 photo 2014-10-27-inktober24_zpsf58de142.jpg

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10/27/14 06:20 pm - Boston-area people: ridiculous musical?

Bat Boy: The Musical
Farkas Hall at Harvard University
$6 (my Harvard privilege gets you half off!)

Fri Nov 21 2014 - 7:30 PM
Sun Nov 23 2014 - 2:30 PM

I actually might be busy that weekend myself, but if anyone wants to go I am happy to use my powers for good (and will totally join if not busy).

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10/23/14 11:42 pm - inktober 22

Cold-weather kitties!

 photo 2014-10-23-inktober22_zpsbf5e88da.jpg

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10/22/14 12:08 am - inkspam

Catchup on Inktober posting! I did get behind a few times, due to dire uterus and then to much happier reasons of J visiting, but I am all caught up and here are the posts. A couple of them I really, really like -- I'm very happy to be doing the challenge even when I feel like all the other people talking about it are Reeal Arteests and such.

bunch of pics!Collapse )

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